There’s No Such Thing as Full Custody—Texas Law on Parental Responsibility

Often in custody suits, tempers are flaring and one parent may want to protect children from the other, believing that his or her erstwhile partner is an unfit parent for one reason or another, and want “full custody” over the children. But in Texas, that’s not how divorce works. It is Texas’s public policy to “encoura...
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4 Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Consider Adoption

Adopting a child is exciting and needs to be thoroughly considered before making a lifelong commitment. When it comes to adoption, what do you imagine it being like? The situation could look very different if you’re adopting an unknown child versus adopting your niece or nephew. Depending on the circumstances, you should be mentally and emoti...
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Grandma & Grandpa Have Rights Too

Grandparents and grandchildren can have a tight emotional bond. Texas does not grant intervention rights to grandparents when a family unit is intact and healthy and the children are well-adjusted because a presumption exists that parents will always act in the best interests of their children. Grandparents may, however, petition for court-ordered ...
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