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Price of Divorce in Pearland and Houston, Texas Areas

When unfortunate circumstances make it clear that divorce is the only option, it’s critical to act quickly—as only a seasoned attorney can fully protect your rights. So whether the custody of your children, your financial assets, property or all of the above are in jeopardy, Goldsberry & Associates is poised to act now to defend your rights.

Pearland and Houston, Texas Area Family Lawyers

Shari Goldsberry personally handles the firm’s family law practice. An expert attorney with a track record of aggressively defending her client’s rights in family law cases, Shari will be prove herself to be an invaluable advocate in divorce proceedings, custody cases and any of the other areas of family law listed below.

Divorce is a challenging area of practice for any Attorney.  While it is usually a painful and stressful process for the client, it is also a time for positive changes.

Our Attorneys realize that their job is not only to take care of the “legal” side of the clients issues such as pleadings, hearings and transfer of property, we also take the emotional side of the process.  It is important to us that we consider your priorities such as your relationship with your children, making sure that your credit is protected and protecting the property you feel is important.

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The law states that your property must be divided in a manner that is just and right.  However, we recognize that the value of the property to be divided is only part of the equation.  It may be much more important to you to keep the home and all the equity than other, equally valuable portions of your estate.

Our firm makes it a priority to consider the clients’ particular interests and keep in mind their special facts and circumstances.

Call Goldsberry & Associates today to learn more about how to make sure you protect your rights.

Family Law Attorney FAQ

How can I find an uncontested divorce lawyer in Pearland, TX?

Goldsberry & Associates, PLLC can handle your uncontested divorce. Just give us a call to speak to an attorney and we’ll get you going as soon as possible.

Do you offer flat fee divorces in Pearland?

We have several different pricing structures designed to accommodate a wide array of divorce and family law clients. However, we find that each case can have its own unique circumstances. So, the best thing to do if you are concerned about a flat fee divorce is just give us a quick phone call to speak to an attorney.

Can I work with a Pearland Divorce Attorney for Men?

If you observe our YouTube channel, or any of the videos available on our website, you will see that Goldsberry & Associates helps many male clients. We also help female clients. We have multiple attorneys on staff and we work several family law cases every month, which gives us a great deal of experience with just about any family law scenario.