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Goldsberry & Associates, PLLC is a multi-practice law firm focused on litigation for clients in League City, Friendswood and Pearland, and is licensed throughout the state of Texas. 

Dedicated to providing its clients with courteous and effective legal representation, Goldsberry has earned a reputation as one of Galveston's most effective law firms through its solid record of court room success.
Through forming a true partnership with its clients, Goldsberry's singular focus is to win your case through principled practice of the law. 
To learn more about Goldsberry & Associates, call for a free consultation today at 281-533-3030.



Practice Areas

Family Law

Shari Goldsberry is a seasoned and aggressive family law attorney who will serve as an invaluable advocate in divorce proceedings, a change of custody, or any other areas of Texas family law. Call Goldsberry & Associates today to learn more about how to make sure you protect your rights. 281-533-3030.

We cover more than just these areas:
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Criminal Law

Shari Goldsberry understands the system. She knows your rights and will aggressively protect them. Call Goldsberry & Associates today for a free consultation to learn more about protecting your rights if you or someone you care about has been accused of a crime.

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Wills, Guardianship & Probate

As we do with all aspects of our practice, Goldsberry & Associates takes a very personal approach to preserving your estate and making sure your wishes are honored—whether it's a will, guardianship or probate issue. We also understand that estate-related issues don't only arise during business hours, so feel free to call us 24-hours a day. We are here to see that your rights are defended and your legacy is protected.

We cover more than just these areas:
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Immigration Law

United States immigration law is complex and constantly changing body of law with a host of federal and state agencies tasked with enforcing those laws—especially in border states like Texas. Goldsberry & Associates is on top of immigration law and is equipped to help you with any legal needs that may arise. Whether you're a company that needs assistance with hiring or employment issues, or an individual whose family is touched by immigration law, Goldsberry & Associates is your League City-area choice for competent and friendly immigration law advice.

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Business Law

Whether you've been the victim of a breach of contract, someone's using your intellectual property for their gain, or you're embroiled in an employee / employer dispute—Goldsberry & Associates has a proven record of courtroom success. Call us today to learn more about how we can help your business reach a successful outcome in your legal battles.

We cover more than just these areas:
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